File a claim

To file a Disability claim please contact our office at 435-688-1655. You can also email We will send you all the documents you need to start your claim and assist in the filing process.

Questions and answers on Filing a claim

When should I report an STD claim?

Report a claim as soon as you believe your absence from work may extend beyond the benefit waiting period as outlined in your policy.

How do I file an STD claim?

You may file an STD claim by contacting our office at 435-688-1655, email: or by mail: PO Box 787 Santa Clara Ut. 84765

A typical disability claim requires the following:

  • Employee’s Statement
  • Employer’s Statement
  • Attending Physician’s Statement
  • Authorization to Obtain Information

Where do I send the completed forms?

Completed forms may be mailed, faxed, or emailed.

What steps do I take if I am returning to work or thinking about returning to work?

If you are thinking about returning to work or have returned to work, please notify us immediately.

Who should I call for questions about my claim?

If you have already filed a claim, please call Railroad Marketing. We will assist and answer any questions you may have.