Norfolk Southern Group Plans

Norfolk Southern Qualified Engineers Only Disability Plan

Mutual of Omaha is the group carrier for the NS locomotive engineers plan. Call 888-696-9951 to confirm your policy and/or to file a claim.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please call one of the claim specialists with Railroad Marketing direct at 888-696-9951. If you need to fax a claim form back to Railroad Marketing for review fax to 435-688-1338.

NS Engineer Disability Benefit:

$390 per week

30 day elimination period

12 month benefit period

NS Engineer Life Insurance Benefit:


NS Engineer Third Party Conveyance Benefit

$500,000.00 of Accidental Death coverage if an engineer is killed in a third party

conveyance (Taxi / Jitney / Crew Van).   This plan is with Reliance Standard.

Norfolk Southern Trainmen Only Disability Plan

This is a voluntary plan where trainmen and cut-back engineers may purchase a group disability plan. This plan also includes the Third Party Conveyance Benefit but not the life insurance.

Norfolk Southern Voluntary Term Life Insurance

You have the opportunity to purchase valuable term life insurance coverage up to an additional $100,000. Coverage is also available for spouses and children. During open enrollment period, your coverage is guaranteed without any health questions asked.

Norfolk Southern Downloadable Forms

To fill out forms, open in a PDF viewer

Mutual of Omaha Claim Form

NS Engineers Term Life Certificate

BLET Disability-South

Conductors Plan Flyer

Mutual of Omaha Conductor Plan